Friday, July 24, 2009

fabric of tradition

Today's Philly Inquirer features a story "Quilting is Not Just for Girls." It's basically about three generations of quilters, including grandsons. It's also about the appeal of the machinery of high-tech sewing machines to boys. But some of the most interesting points are those made by Kathleen Jones, a quilt store owner, who says that "Beyond any gadgets or new technology, it is the influence of other quilters, and the inspiration that one takes from viewing others' works that is most instrumental in moving the craft forward."
According to Nayeli Rodriguex, author of the article, "And while the process of quilting will inevitably continue to progress, its pracice is still at its core a way of remembering the past. Jones points out that the creative recycling of old family mementos is one of the reasons that quilting remains such a lasting tradition."
Kathleen Jones concludes "There's a lot of symbolism because you pull it from your heart."

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