Friday, October 15, 2010


After a few reworkings, the resulting necklace using some of my favorite colors now includes:
  • moss agate beads
  • peridot and aquamarine-colored glass beads
  • smoky quartz colored beads
  • a turquoise-looking chunk
  • one of the newest Industrial Chic components
  • a Tim Holtz chain and latch component to which is attached a stone bead from a strand purchased at at gem show several years ago
  • copper and brass findings.
While I'm enjoying the momentum of continuing to put together pieces using items collected over the years as well as recent purchases, I now realize I need a better system of recording information about the materials I'm using. 

Sunshine is a bonus today. It was supposed to be raining. We haven't seen much of these guys lately but they did appear a couple of weeks ago.


dosfishes said...

Aren't the wild turkeys fun. I love to watch them fly up into the trees and perch. They look so awkward in the air. Your jewelry making is wonderful, and I love those colors too. xox Corrine

Anonymous said...

We have the wild turkeys here in south Jersey too, and I love seeing them in flocks like this. I really like your necklace, so unique and the smoky quartz is a favorite stone.

Healing Woman said...

Nice necklace. The antique looking bell is a nice addition.'s turkey time. I think most of us love this time of the year and spotting those turkeys is a sure sign that Thanksgiving is on the way.

Eva said...

The turkeys are beautiful! In the old world, we don't have such wild fowl, not even similar.

Mary said...

the blue and green looks so pretty together. I like that the chain is dark. Very nice combination.

Susan Erickson said...

another lovely necklace ...wild turkeys are a real thrill to see....don't know how they hide from all those coyotes!

Sandra said...

Your jewelery is so cool, I love how you put it such different pieces together.