Thursday, December 9, 2010

every inchie monday

These green inchies were made by Kris of Erosion Bundles fame whose project for 2011 is Every Inchie Monday. This is a weekly challenge for interpreting the Inchie Word of the Week by creating one square inch of art with anything on it. 

Beginning on January 3, 2011.

One inch of art a week.

This sounds like a commitment I can make. 

I've made inchies before but I like the idea of experimenting with different techniques, adhering to a schedule, and the exercise of working within the parameters of the weekly words.


Anonymous said...

This seems just right for you, will be eager to see your inchies!

dosfishes said...

Kris has great projects for us all, but I will leave the inches to you. It will be great to follow along though, just like erosion. xox Corrine

Dotti said...

I just joined too...looking forward to it.

Peggy B said...

These little guys are so adorable!!
How are you displaying them?
I can see them in a row down the side of a journal on the cover!
btw...thank you for your holiday visit!! I am attempting to make all 12 of T. Holtz Christmas Tags!
mamma mia I am already behind by 8 only made 2 so far...I will post the one I made yesterday and the others as soon as I can get them done...hopefully in 2010!!! lol

Sandra said...

thanks for telling perhaps I'll join in.

Fabric Art said...

Making inch sounds like fun, I have never tried it, so I will also attend, your inch looks great.