Thursday, January 20, 2011

inside the studio and out

trio of dolls looking out over the room

 inside: some views inside my "studio"
flour sack, doilies and crocheted goods
miniature perfume bottles purchased as a collection, keys, tins

outside: a recent sunset as seen from my kitchen door


Penny said...

I loved this post! Love seeing where my blog friends work each day, what inspires them and surrounds them. Of course I especially love the three dolls!

dosfishes said...

Oooh, I love those dollie girls, and the antique perfume bottles too. Lovely post Deborah. xox Corrine

quiltmom said...

How cool to see your perfume bottles- I have some too- I never thought about posting about them.
I love the doilies too- they remind me of my gran- She had doilies on all her tables that were hand made.
Your dolls are terrific too- Such nice things to surround and inspire you.
Thanks for sharing.
Warmest regards,

ParisMaddy said...

Baby dolls are ready for the dance. So cute. I used to collect little perfume bottles---yours are so pretty.

♥ * ♥ * ♥ * ♥ * ♥ * ♥

Patty said...

Deborah! Love this post of what you surround yourself with! Love the olde keys, your view outside the kitchen looks so neat! The doilies and crocheted works ..I treasure the tablecloth and runner for the buffet that my grandmother made... Stay warm there!! Twas high 70°s here today...

Anonymous said...

I loved this little tour! The dolls are adorable, and I've been looking for a little Prince Matchabelli perfume bottle for years. It was my favorite as a young girl, but I don't see that you have one either. I wonder if there are any out there at all! Thanks, Deborah!

Healing Woman said...

You have such a lovely home. I loved seeing all of your precious finds. I love the dolls..Did you make them?

Wonderful post.