Thursday, August 4, 2011

not only this

but all of this. A lovely box, inside and out. Fiber confections rolled and tied with coordinated trim. Silk sari yarn. A felt flower brooch. A lavender heart.
I was the lucky recipient of Corrine's mystery box of goodies celebrating her blog's topping of 100 followers. Not only is her dosfishes blog inspiring and informational, she also has a studio blog Sparkle Day Studio featuring the studio of my dreams.

Since it arrived in a box, of course I had assistance opening it.
Many thanks to you Corrine for your generosity and as always, your encouragement.


Nina Lise Moen said...

Lucky you receiving such a lovely treasure box from Corrine!! Enjoy the content!

Patty ♣ said...

Some nice treasures there! Lucky you! Love your helper!

Barbara said...

As always, I'm in awe of how you turn everything into a part of your art! And of course you had help opening that great box, that's what kitties do best, help with everything!