Thursday, December 10, 2009

finding their place

The five rectangular beads were from a strand I purchased from a vendor at a bead show a couple of years ago. I made the mistake of storing this strand as well as a couple of others in the glass tube spice racks (mentioned in an earlier post) in my studio in direct sun. All of them bleached out to a light color that bore little resemblance to the beads I purchased. (So now I am very careful about the types of beads I store in these containers.) I was particularly disappointed about this strand because when I purchased them they had lovely layers of purple and green. But I saved them and now at least some of them finally have a place, on this white sample little quilt wip.


Quilt or Dye said...

I love watching your progress! Thanks!

Mrs Moen said...

Ooh, I love all those white(ish) shades and textures! White on white just got a new meaning.
Sorry your beads faded, I had no idea they could loose colour just like fabric and thread. Glad you could use some of them for this project, they look great.

sewpam63 said...

Could that have been serendipity...?! Love how the whites all work together and play nicely. ; )

Deborah said...

Serendipity, that's a nice thought.

Elizabeth said...

This is coming along so nicely!! It is going to be beautiful!!! Waiting is good , it helps us to process things!!