Tuesday, December 8, 2009

lines and stripes

I removed the block that I'm planning to tone down by dyeing and cut apart a couple of other blocks and sewed them together in a different way. I used red and black embroidery thread (separately) for stitching.


sewpam63 said...

LOVE the quilting/stitching you did, Deb! And, is that a vintage orange button? It has interesting teardrop shaped openings. I like that! ; )

Deborah said...

Thanks! Most of the time I do use vintage buttons but this one is a large new one that is unusual. Glad you like it, I haven't actually sewn it on yet and was still auditioning it.

Mrs Moen said...

Oh, I love how this turned out! The stripes makes such a nice contrast to the solids, and that button is perfect.