Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a closer look

A couple of closer looks at reckless embellishing that is saving this little piece from becoming a permanently neglected wip. Some of the Japanese yarn, beads, and embellishments are secured underneath the netting and some are on top. Some of the embellishments are upside down tulle yo-yo's.

Last night's MLBS's meeting featured a program on photography by jewelry designer Kristen Colvell. She shared tips and techniques and provided a couple of light boxes for us to practice using to take pictures of our jewelry pieces. I love to play with beads but mostly they end up on quilts and not in jewelry pieces. I did, however, recently make a couple of bracelets, one for a friend's birthday, and one in the first photo. As in my quiltmaking, I used both vintage and contemporary beads and crystals.

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