Monday, November 29, 2010

miles and miles

We weren't gone very long but did travel miles and miles. My daughter traveled here from Massachusetts and then we went to Virginia to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my mother and brother.

This is the first block of a small quilt I started so that I would have something to work on in the car, but instead of sewing, I mostly looked out of the window.

While in Roanoke I did go to the market but had to go on Friday since we had to return home on Saturday. Disappointing since I was hoping to see Cheryl.


Patty said...

OHw! I love that countryside!!! Thanks for the peek...Looks like there was, maybe, some weather in the clouds thereabouts??
Your blue fabric is pretty nice!!

dosfishes said...

Great shots of your travels. I love the colors on this block it makes me think of ice the frozen ponds
with leaves and such trapped in the layers. xox Corrine

Anonymous said...

Hello again! Well, starting is great..and so is looking out the window, right! I get car sick, so the thought of working on anything is nearly impossible for me to fathom!

thanks for coming by to see me!
have a great night!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

ParisMaddy said...

Hi Deborah, Pretty skies and nice countryside views. It's so great that you got to visit with your daughter and family.

Such a pretty blue block---love that circle fabric, too.

Has the Christmas bug bitten and chased you into your sewing room yet?
I'm making some angel goodies.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I love this little snowflake composition...I have been working on snowmen for a couple weeks and you just make me smile.Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Eva said...

Picture no.4 reminds me of Grandma Moses' art. These pretty houses, the cattle...
Love this block. Looks promising!

Healing Woman said...

Daggone it..I would have loved to have seen your smiling face at my booth! I have only been going on Saturdays since the market is all torn up now while the market building is being renovated. I also had company over Thanksgiving and really could only be there on Saturday. I'll be there a lot this winter so maybe you'll get back again soon. Thanks so much for the link back too~ Your quilt square is lovely. I can't work while riding in a car and I'll bet you can't for long either.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, and I love your little block! Keep us updated on your progress with that one.

Mary said...

beautiful photos. I always take things to work on in the car and always end up just looking out the window. Cute little block.