Friday, November 19, 2010

reckless embellishment as a process

This is a small section of a ten-inch square . . . a fragment from around 9/11 because the fabric is the same that I used in a larger crazy quilt that I was in the process of embroidering and embellishing at that time. Neglected for all of these years, I haven't liked it enough to do anything with it.
So it's a good candidate for "Reckless Embellishment."
I'm still not sure whether I like it any better or not, but I'm certainly enjoying the process.


ParisMaddy said...

Sweet little piece. I like how you placed the items in your white dish, too.

Debrina said...

There's nothing like reckless embellishment, Deborah! Ha ha. I do it all the time!!!! And isn't it neat to be able to pull something out from so long ago and feel the urge to touch it up!!!

Karen Turner said...

And isn't it the process that matters most? I love your little selection of objects in that dish. Happy embellishing!

Anonymous said...

Now I know what I do -- reckless embellishment! I didn't have a name for it until you gave it one. I suspect it will grow on you.