Wednesday, October 14, 2009

autumn hearts wip progress

Still working on autumn hearts, which I really think of as pumpkin hearts. It's a slow process since everything is done by hand but it is also enjoyable.


Mary said...

I sew everything by hand too. It's a shame that everyone wants to make things as fast as possible - I think handwork is good for the soul and am afraid it's going to be lost in all the sewing machine love out there.

Deborah said...

I agree. It has always been my choice to sew by hand and while I can appreciate that for a certain amount of utility and speed there is a function for machine sewing but for me it is just not the same. Well, I don't think it would be the same. I don't even have one and have never used one except for my grandmother's treadle.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

This is so beautiful; I think I'll do something similar, perhaps for my next baby quilt or, even, a quilt for me.
Thanks for visiting Thistle Cove Farm and following; I've returned the kindness and am looking forward to keeping up with you. We're the bookends for the Commonwealth of VA, eh? -smile-