Friday, October 2, 2009

wip: disarmed woman

This is a very rough wip, I haven't even yet figured out where to place her arms. The evening I was working on this project, I selected fabrics and just started cutting out shapes. After sewing the head and some of her body together, I wasn't sure about the hands and arms because they are too small to needle-turn applique. Now I feel more comfortable about leaving them with raw edges and will probably apply them accordingly once I've decided upon their placement. Also have several strips of fabric to be added as borders or frames.


Eva said...

A surrealistic project! I'm curious to see it finished.

Mrs Moen said...

Playing around with shapes and bits and strips is so much fun! It was so weird looking at your pictures; they remind me so much about one of a series of quilts I did about manipulation a few years back. I also had two hands that I kept moving around.

I'll be looking forward to a progress reportand the finished piece:-)