Tuesday, October 27, 2009

away and overwhelmed

The organization of my studio has totally gotten away from me and now I'm overwhelmed. This dreary rainy day would be a good time to try to get things put back together . . . if I can just get motivated.


Mary said...

Oh I feel your pain! Mine looks exactly like that - I'm hoping to get to mine today too.

Dotti said...

OMG I've been procrastinating for over a year and doing all my projects on the breakfast bar. This works out great because I am forced to clean up each mess in order to eat the next meal!

Deborah said...

Well, it is now after five and while I did procrastinate a bit, I have made progress. It's too dark to photograph. I still do projects in the living room, at the breakfast room table, etc. and generally I can keep these areas tidy but it would be nice to get my 'real' work area organized.