Monday, October 12, 2009

time and placement

While if I had my choice I would still be employed (preferably as a librarian), one of the advantages of my current situation is that I now have the time to sort through items (wips) tucked away in baskets in my studio and start working on them again. This is a project that I had purposely set aside while I was deciding how to set the blocks and whether or not to use sashing. I have made the decision not to use sashing and am now working on the placement of the blocks.


PatStudio said...

hmmmm. we have much in common. i was development director in private school that had big layoff -- well, nearly 1/2 the staff! last May. and, like you i eventually finished some (read: SOME) of the unfinished projects in my studio.

thanks for your encouraging and affirming comment on my recent blog post. much appreciated.

Eva said...

Looks great! I sometimes think "sashing... no sashing..." I did not apply it on my korak, and it seems to be the right decision. Some things -- especially those with smaller spaces -- seem to lose their charm if too much is done.

Mary said...

I love those blocks. Applique is my favorite kind of quilt.

FYI - When I am laying out a quilt I use a peephole to look through. It reduced everything and you can see what needs to be moved around. They are a great little tool to have around. I keep one in my purse for when I'm fabric shopping.

Deborah said...

thanks for your comments and ideas!